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Threading Chaser

Threading Chaser

We are Manufacturers the chaser suit for Lanco, landies, Landmatic, Landex, kandai & Gents, heap Die Head, Wagner, Redilmatic Die head and Also Manufacturer as per customer's requirement as per drawns or sample.

Principle Advantages of Tangetial Chasers : Thses are lomg life permanent throat, ability to work, close to a shoulder throughout the life of the chasers and easily altered cutting angle to suit different materials. Tangential to suit different materials. Tangential chasers have a self guiding action, execpt when ground across the entire width of the die or when used with lead screw feed.

Regrinding : When dull these chasers are reground only in the cutting edge and never on the throat. The edge is completely renewed at each regrinding so the same results can be obtained from reground.

Diameter Threading : One set of chasers can be used to thread different diameter of the same pitch, provided th helix angle of the thread being cut and that of the chasers-holder do not vary more than half a degree above or below for standard thread forms. For accurate work the variation in the lead angle should not be overlooked.

Left Hand Threading : The same Chasers can be used for left-hand and Right-hand threads. For left-hand threads the chasers are ground on the end oppsite to that for right hand thread. Left hand chaser holders are required for left hand work and the chaser must be inserted in numerical order, but anticlockwise when facing the diehead .The Machine must be reversed for the lefthand work.

Marking on chaser : Each STI tengential chasers is marked. The diameter is not usually marked because the same chaser may be used for the threading different diameter.

Type to suit Various materials : This is determined by the cutting edge, known as the Rake Angle, which varies according to the nature of the material to be threaded, its machinability, the thread to be cut and the method of feeding the work into the diehead. The following are given as a guide, but Rake angles should be finally determined by the experiments.

Throats : STi Tangential chasers are supplied with one of five standard throats that are 1) 45 (no throat), 2) 30 throat, 3) Standard short throat 20, 4) Long throat15, 5) Extra Long Throat 12,

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